Filling systems

LTS – Automatic longitudinal filling system


The LTS fills the mold lengthwise by means of a metering belt mounted under the hopper. The concrete mixture falls from the belt into a metering hopper that moves flat over the mold.

The LTS filling machine travels on flat rails mounted on the floor. For coarse sanding of the concrete, a sanding bar is mounted on the front of the LTS filling machine. This beam is attached to two eccentric shafts and makes a circular sanding motion. Furthermore, the machine is equipped with a sanding disc for smoothing the concrete product. If the LTS is used as a filling machine in a wet cast system, the sanding beam and disc is replaced by a rotating roller.

As an option, two filling funnels can also be placed behind each other, giving the possibility of working with two different types of mixtures and/or colors.

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