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Humarbo Machinery B.V. is a specialist and experienced supplier of machines and moulds for the concrete industry for both wet cast and dry cast production. A trusted company with more than 50 years of experience manufacturing, supplying and commissioning production systems around the world.

Humarbo stands for efficient solutions that meet the highest customer requirements.

The product range that can be produced by our machines and in our molds includes products for rail, infrastructure, construction, agriculture and a wide range of home and garden products.

Humarbo’s continued success is also due to our strong focus on service, quality and reliability. Our added value does not stop with the delivery of a project. By employing qualified personnel, fully equipped service vehicles and a large stock of spare parts, we ensure long service life and low production costs.

Our history shows that we are completely at home in the world of concrete. As true specialists, we know what is going on in this sector, which allows us to solve problems quickly and effectively.

Humarbo is driven by sustainable solutions. We add value through smart technology. Low energy consumption and smart logistics help us reduce environmental impact and save our customers money.

We welcome you to our world. A world of dry cast and wet cast (precast) concrete products. A world in which we even think in concrete.