Gebruikte machines

Production plant MPF 4.25 with AVM 4.25 automatic filling system and RMM 4.25 take-off system

This machine is suitable for maximum product dimensions 4,200 x 1,200 x 220 mm., a maximum product weight of 1,500 kg and consists of the following components:

– MPF 4.25 production system
– Dosing and smoothing system AVM 4.25 with hopper
– Vibration table with external vibrators
– Conveyor system consisting of a bottom conveyor with pallet pusher and a return conveyor
– Brushing and oiling system for the pallets
– Automatic starter RMM 4.25
approx. 61 used pallets (adjustable)

The machine can be expanded and supplemented with new components, machine parts and/or pallets